Who We Are

FLY Basketball and Skills Training is a youth basketball training company based out of Charlotte North Carolina.  FLY Basketball currently offers one on one and small groups training sessions for children ages 4-18.  Training sessions are held indoors using high school gymnasiums and outdoors using Charlotte Mecklenburg Parks and Recreation sites.  All trainings are created to focus on the strengths and areas of opportunity of each individual athlete.  One on one sessions are more customized for the individual athlete with concentration on increasing strength, speed and agility.  Small groups are composed by age with athletes with similar skill sets.

FLY Basketball Spring
Two Day Camp

FLY Basketball & Skills Training is providing a quality Spring Two Day Camp that is set apart and unlike any other camp in the Greater Charlotte market. Campers will enjoy two days of challenges to help sharpen their skills in preparation for the coming season of competition play and also their return to finishing the school year. Both days will be scheduled with activities and curriculum created by Coach A to ensure that campers go away having a full day of increasing their knowledge and expectations of the game. Both days will begin with a primary focus. Curriculum, games, and activities will support the day’s primary focus. Campers will have a chance to display their understanding of each day’s focus in various ways including competition. Each Camper will be given an evaluation by certified FLY Coaches that will collaborate on their findings to better identify each player’s strengths and areas of opportunity. Campers will be broken up into groups by age, knowledge and skill level to better assess the needs of the individual athlete.

Skill development drills and position work will help each athlete better understand the roles that they play in team settings. FLY Basketball is very structured and well organized in its efforts to aid in helping Student-Athletes prepare for other areas that correlate to the game such as ‘focus’ in the classroom. This camp is an exceptional opportunity for all skill levels to attend and grow. Come FLY with us!

Our Services

Small group sessions include but not limited to:

  • Ball Handling
  • Position Work
  • Concentration on increasing Core Strength
  • Stretching techniques used to increase hip mobility
  • Agility
  • Assessment of Shooting form and proper technique
  • Defensive drills with an emphasis on proper footwork and recovery concepts
  • Close Out and Box Out drills
  • Comprehensive review of basketball terminology

Each participating athlete in the small group pays $25.00 per one-hour session

Additional Services

One on One session includes all of the above in addition to

  • Coach’s attendance to competition (time permitting)
  • Review of game film
  • Analysis of competition
  • Weight Training
  • Weekly Workout Communication and Expectations
  • Detailed session lay out with communication of purpose

One on One rates vary and are contingent on the services required

Our Coaches

 FLY Basketball Coaches are trained in the philosophies of its Founder and Owner, Coach A.

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Our Founder

FLY Basketball was founded by Coach Andrea Williams or Coach A for short.

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